Vendor:MicrosoftExam Code:070-410 dumpsExam Name:Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web ApplicationsVersion:DemoDEMO

QUESTION 1If the canvas element is supported by the client browser,the application must display "London 2012" in thefooter as text formatted by JavaScript at the end of the _Layout.cshtml file.You need to modify the layout to ensure that "London 2012" is displayed as either formatted text or asplain text,depending on what the 70-696 dumps client browser supports.Which code segment should you add?A. @(Request,Browser.JavaApplets ? new HtmlString("London 2012"):null)B. London 2012C. London 2012D.

London 2012

Correct Answer:C

QUESTION 2You need to display the "miles" unit 70-487 dumps description after the distance in the GetLog view.Which line of code should you use to replace line GL21? (Each correct answer presents a completesolution. Choose all that apply.)A. @log.Distance milesB. @Htrml.DisplayFor(model => log.Distance) milesC. @log.Distance.ToString() @Html.TextArea("miles")D. @Html.DisplayFor(model => log.Distance.ToString() + " miles")Correct Answer:AB

QUESTION 3DRAG DROPYou need to implement security 70-414 dumps according to the business requirements.How should you modify RunLogController? (To answer,drag the appropriate code segment to the correctlocation or locations. Each code segment may be used once,more than once,or not at all. You may needto drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.)Select and Place:

Select and Place:Correct Answer:QUESTION 4DRAG DROPYou need to ensure that the application uses RunLogRoleProvider 70-486 dumps custom role provider.How should you modify the web.config file? (To answer,drag the appropriate line of code to the correctlocation or locations. Each line of code may be used once,more than once,or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.)Select and Place:Select and Place:Correct Answer:

QUESTION 5An advertising campaign was recently launched. 070-463 dumps Some of the ads contain a link to products that no longerexist or have IDs that have changed.You need to ensure that all product links display a product.Which code segment should you use to configure the route?A. Option AB. Option BC. Option CD. Option DCorrect Answer:A

QUESTION 6You need to implement client-side animations according to the business requirements.Which line of code should you use? (Each correct answer 70-410 dumps presents a complete solution. Choose all thatapply.)A. $("body h1:nth-child(1)").fadeIn(1000);B. $("body h1:nth-child(1)")-fadeOut(1000);C. $("body h2:nth-child(1)").animate({opacity:0 });D. $("body h1:nth-child(1)").animate({opacity:1 });Correct Answer:BC

QUESTION 7You need to modify the application to meet the productId requirement.Which code segment should you use?A. Option AB. Option BC. Option CD. Option DCorrect Answer:C

QUESTION 8The transcode.exe utility activates its 070-461 dumps license online when it is installed.You need to ensure that the registration of the transcode utility is handled as specified in its license.Which method should you add to the TranscodeWorkerRole class?A. Option AB. Option BC. Option CD. Option DCorrect Answer:D

QUESTION 9DRAG DROPYou need to ensure that the transcode.exe utility is installed before the worker role starts.You have the following markup:Which markup segments should you include in Target 1,Target 2,Target 3,Target 4 and Target 5 toimplement the startup task? To answer,drag the appropriate markup segments to the correct targets.Each markup segments may be used once,more than once,70-480 dumps or not at all. You may need to drag the splitbar between panes or scroll to view content.Select and Place:Select and Place:Correct Answer:

QUESTION 10You are testing an ASP.NET application.The test plan requires that tests run against the application's business layer.You need to use the test project template that meets this requirement.Which template should you use?A. Web Test ProjectB. Load Test 070-347 dumps ProjectC. Unit Test ProjectD. Coded Test ProjectCorrect Answer:C

QUESTION 11You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application. The application is deployed in a web farm and isaccessed by many users.The application must handle web server failures gracefully. The servers in the farm must share the stateinformation.You need to persist the application state 70-331 dumps during the session.What should you implement?A. A state serverB. Cookieless sessionsC. A web garden on the web serversD. An InProc sessionCorrect Answer:A

QUESTION 12You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application.You need to authenticate clients by using NT LAN Manager (NTLM).Which authentication method should you implement?A. BasicB. WindowsC. FormsD. KerberosCorrect Answer:B

QUESTION 13You are developing an ASP.NET MVC web 70-417 dumps application in Visual Studio 2012. The application requiresseveral thousand content files. All content is hosted on the same IIS instance as the application.You detect performance issues when the application starts.You need to resolve the performance issues.What should you do?A. Enable compression in IIS.B. Move the content to a second server.C. Combine the content files by using ASP.NET MVC bundling.D. Implement HTTP caching in IIS.Correct Answer:C

QUESTION 14You are designing a data-oriented application that features a variety of storage schemas.The application object model must be mapped to the various storage schemas.You need to enable developers to manipulate the data.Which ADO.NET data access strategy should 70-412 dumps you use? (Each correct answer presents a completesolution. Choose all that apply.)A. LINQ to SQLB. Entity FrameworkC. DataAdapterD. DataReaderCorrect Answer:ABC

QUESTION 15You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application to be used on the Internet. The environment uses ActiveDirectory with delegation to access secure resources.Users must be able to log on to the application to maintain their personal preferences.You need to use the least amount of development 70-532 dumps effort to enable users to log on.What should you do?A. Enable Forms authenticationB. Enable Windows authenticationC. Generate server SSL certificates and install them in IISD. Enable Digest authenticationCorrect Answer:B

QUESTION 16You are implementing a website redesign of an existing website that provides historical weather conditionmaps.The current layout resembles the graphic in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.)Year selection is implemented as a set of links,which causes the page to reload when the user changesthe year. The year selection HTML is contained in a div with an id of "year-selector".You need to modify the page so that the user can change the year 070-413 dumps without the page reloading.You also need to ensure that there is minimal change to the design of the page.Which code segment should you use?A. Option AB. Option BC. Option CD. Option DCorrect Answer:A

QUESTION 17You are developing an Azure worker role. You enable crash dump collection for the role.When the role starts,an external application 70-463 dumps stops responding.You need to download the crash dump to determine why the application stops responding.From which two locations can you download the crash dump? Each correct answer presents a completesolution.A. Azure Blob storageB. the temp folder on the virtual machine that is running the role instanceC. Azure file storageD. the DiagnosticStore local resource folder on the virtual machine that is running the role instance

Correct Answer:ADQUESTION 18DRAG DROPYou are developing an ASP.NET MVC application 70-243 dumps that takes customer orders.Orders are restricted to customers with IP addresses based in the United States.You need to implement a custom route handler.How should you implement the route handler? (To answer,drag the appropriate line of code to the correctlocation or locations. Each line of code may be used once,more than once,or not at all. You may need todrag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.)Select and Place:Select and Place:Correct Answer:

QUESTION 19DRAG DROPYou are developing an ASP.NET MVC application in 070-489 dumps Visual Studio 2012. The application will be viewedwith browsers on desktop devices and mobile devices. The application uses the Razor View Engine todisplay data.The application contains two layouts located in the /Views/Shared directory.These layouts are named:_Layout.cshmtl_MobleLayoutcshtmlThe application must detect if the user is browsing from a mobile device. If the user is browsing from amobile device,the application must use the _MobileLayout.cshtml file. If the user is browsing from adesktop device,the application must use .Layout,cs html.You need to ensure that the application renders the layout that is appropriate for the browser.You have the following code:Which code segments should you include in Target 1,Target 2 and Target 3 to complete the code of theViewStart.cshtml file? (To answer,drag the appropriate code segments to the correct targets. Each codesegment may be used once,more than once,or not at all. You 70-488 dumps may need to drag the split bar betweenpanes or scroll to view content.)Select and Place:Select and Place:Correct Answer:

QUESTION 20DRAG DROPYou are developing an ASP.NET MVC application in Visual Studio. The application contains sensitive bankaccount data.The application contains a helper class named SensitiveData.Helpers.CustomEncryptor.The application contains a controller named BankAccountController with two actions.The application contains a model named BankAccount,which is defined in the following code segmentThe application must not display AccountNumber 70-346 dumps in clear text in any URL.You need to build the view for the GetAccounts action.You have the following code:Which code segments should you include in Target 1,Target 2 and Target 3 to build the view? To answer

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На сегодняшний день силами волонтеров в районе оборудовано 94 скалолазных маршрута от 5а до 8а+ категории трудности.

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Скалолазные трассы Кутурчинского белогорья


Название маршрутаДлинаТочекКат.трАвторГод
Сектор Подорожник
1Листопад845b+Русаков Михаил2017
2Тройник856aЯровиков Александр2017
3Первопроход1565aРусаков Михаил2017
4Забытые ключи1576b+Яровиков Александр2017
5Буги-вуги1686bТерехин Василий2016
6Династия1896b+Прокофьев Денис2017
7Ход конём1886cТерехин Василий2016
8Чечако1887aКичкайло Алексей2017
9Осеннее обострение1887a+Терехин Василий2016
10Белый клык1897bКичкайло Алексей2017
11Золотая лихорадка1886b+Кичкайло Алексей2017
12Одна смена белья1877a+Кичкайло Алексей2017
13Сизый смок1387aКичкайло Алексей2017
14Смок1386c+Кичкайло Алексей2017
15Унтитед1276a+Ковалев Феликс / Прокофьев Денис2017
Сектор Лесоповал
16Высокий старт1067bХвостенко Олег2017
17Дядя из Батуми1397b+Прокофьев Денис2017
18Тётя из Тбилиси1076cКичкайло Алексей2017
19Тушканчик1076cРусаков Михаил2017
20Честь дороже жизни1786a+Ковалев Феликс2017
21Финальный запил1796a+Ковалев Феликс / Кичкайло Алексей2017
Сектор Атаманка
22Ахонь845c+Хвостенко Олег / Дмитриев Алексей2017
23Партизан846b+Хвостенко Олег / Дмитриев Алексей2017
24Урожай1057aХвостенко Олег2017
25Нашествие грибов1056cХвостенко Олег / Дмитриев Алексей2017
26Чесночный фрэш1055c+Хвостенко Олег / Дмитриев Алексей2017
27Бастан1056aХвостенко Олег / Дмитриев Алексей2017
28Килиманджаро1255c+Русаков Михаил2017
29Тарбаган1276aНагирный Александр2017
30Ленивый1266aНагирный Александр2017
31Тельняшка1486a+Кичкайло Алексей2017
32Кривой листвяг1476bКичкайло Алексей2017
33Муравьиная атака1476cКичкайло Алексей2017
34Копыто1686b+Хвостенко Олег / Дмитриев Алексей2017
35Молния1696cХвостенко Олег / Дмитриев Алексей2017
Сектор Партизан
36Бракодел12?6a+Южаков Кирилл2020
37Лёшки1266a+Терехин Василий2017
38Трикошки1266b+Терехин Василий2017
39Отличник1075bМальцев Егор2020
40Это тебе,дружище!1576aТерехин Василий / Дмитриев Алексей2017
41Перекредитуйся!20116cПучков Артём/Кичкайло Алексей2017
42Всё пучком876a+Пучков Артём/Кичкайло Алексей2017
43Sunrise1796cМатвеенко Егор2017
44Амброзия18106bМатвеенко Егор2017
45Метеоризм25126bХвостенко Олег2017
46Зелёный смох1676bТерехин Василий2017
47Кулёма1576a+Терехин Василий2016
48Козырь1586b+Терехин Василий / Хвостенко Олег2017
49Караван1576b+Терехин Василий / Хвостенко Олег2017
50Тайна третьей планеты1576b+Терехин Василий / Хвостенко Олег2017
51По-летнему1276c+Терехин Василий / Хвостенко Олег2017
52Пора домой1276bТерехин Василий / Хвостенко Олег2017
53Начальник Камчатки1386aТерехин Василий / Хвостенко Олег2017
54Ангул1375c+Русаков Михаил2017
Район Флот
Сектор Киль
55Тетрис1597a+Демин Павел2019
56Катькина страсть1796bАксентьев Максим2019
57Перья17126cПрокофьев Денис2020
58Дай-ка ломик18127aПопова Марина2020
Сектор Фрегат
59Черствый мох30146cКичкайло Алексей2019
60Путь на Плюк25137cКичкайло Алексей2019
61Кубрик20105c+Терентьев Сергей2019
62Впервые в этом мире1076bКовалев Феликс2019
63Хрюки-рок!1076a+Кичкайло Алексей2018
64Кукадядя30146bКичкайло Алексей2018
65Кукабаба30157aКичкайло Алексей2018
66Сельпо30157b+Кичкайло Алексей2019
67Анютины кудряшки30187bКичкайло Алексей2019
68Подхваты Коперфильда25118aХвостенко Олег2018
69Далбыалёнке1297a+Аксентьев Максим2019
70Наследие Феликса1276cАксентьев Максим2019
71Кутурчатинка1286c+Аксентьев Максим2019
72Ведьмин глаз1596cДемин Павел2019
73Хозяин тайги1276cДемин Павел2019
74Черничная радость1796c+Кичкайло Алексей2019
Сектор Ялик
75Гик1276a+Хвостенко Олег / Казаков Фёдор2019
76Фок1276cХвостенко Олег / Казаков Фёдор2019
77Кливер1276b+Хвостенко Олег / Казаков Фёдор2019
Сектор Каравелла
78Каа-Хем25117aАксентьев Максим2020
79Бий-Хем25127b+Аксентьев Максим2020
80Самсон17127b+Хвостенко Олег / Ковалев Феликс2020
81Шахерезада1597a+Хвостенко Олег / Ковалев Феликс2020
Сектор Бриг
82Сдохни коротышка!25117a+Овчинников Джек2019
83Бес балды!25118a+Овчинников Джек2019
84Жадность хуже,чем холера20137bМальцев Егор2020
85Вспышка с заду!*1597cКичкайло Алексей2020
86Пазл1597bДемин Павел2019
87Лишайная дорожка1276cАксентьев Максим2019
88Веселящий мох1276a+Кичкайло Алексей2019
89Дед Диадох17106b+Ковалев Феликс2020
90Дядюшка Ау1796bКичкайло Алексей2020
91Пастбище кикимор18106aКорулин Евгений2020
92Угол лешего18105c+Кичкайло Алексей2020
93Нафаня1056bКичкайло Алексей2020
94Барабашка966a+Терентьева Галина2020

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